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The Company

Judes consultants was established in the year 2000, is the oldest largest and most experienced consultants in Hyderabad. Judes is a “Known and Trusted” Brand for Overseas Education Abroad.

Judes Consultants . A premier educational consultants trusted by thousands of students in india and abroad. Judes has created a niche for itself in the field of overseas education,we follow an extremely different methodology of advising students about the right kind of the institution where he or she fits in, which ensures significantly successful performance in visas and their overall growth patterns.

Judes Consists of carrier development executives who not only have excellent academic qualification but also years of experience,which shapes your carrier. we give the students guidance at every stage right from the initial counseling, course selection, university and country option along with visa guidance,air ticketing accommondation and part-time jobs.

Judes has a strong pulse an documentation th success of the visa does not totally depend on your academics but there are many documents that have to be added on like financial status etc. with the strong experience Judes Consultants had gained over a period of time in excelling.Judes consultants has sent over thousand of students abroad for overseas education since 14 Years.